The Horror in Black Hollow

The horror begins.

You attended the funeral of Lady Sharpe. You then spent the rest of the day at the Sword and Stein tavern speaking to some of your fellow villagers about rumors. During the night you were awoken by a scream from down by the river. Rushing to investigate you were met by the sight of two guards standing over the body of a mutilated woman. Searching the area you found the prints of what appeared to a large wolf leading toward town. You followed them all the way to the gates of the Sharpe estate. A bit of fur that was snagged on the gate as well as a few prints on the other side told you the beast had somehow managed to get onto the grounds. With no way to get onto the grounds you turned in for the night.

The next morning you were awoken by another scream. Tereza Costin's daughter was missing. Captain Ungar tells the assembled villagers that a door to door search was going to be conducted to find her. The captain and Lord Doran Sharpe, representing his grieving father, approach you. Captain Ungar tells you they know who the woman is that was mauled to death: Avir Tulloch's wife. Lord Sharpe tells you he and the Captain want you to escort Avir to the barracks before the villagers realize his wife is missing and put the pieces together and assume he killed her like her did his missing son. Helena noticed something brownish-red dried under Lord Doran's thumbnail.

You find Avir's house empty, but the inside trashed. You find a wisp of spider silk snagged on an opened window and what appears to be the tracks of a impossibly large spider leading to the town wall. Inside the house's fireplace a town piece of blood soaked cloth is found, half burned, in it. The cloth is part of Avir's wife's dress that she was killed in. Investigating the tracks leads you too the wall where you see another wisp of spider silk snagged on the top of the wall.



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